• Please walk just in the marked paths, don’t try to wander by yourself, because you could get lost in the forest.
  • Don’t throw any kind of garbage in the path; always use the garbage cans.
  • Please don’t feed or touch any animal, don’t cut or step in the plants.
  • Use headphones, when listening to music in your personal devices
  • Don’t use your camera flash.
  • Hunting fishing is not allowed.
  • Taking videos and photos of the community homes is not allowed. (Ask for permission in advance to coordinate with our staff)

Our programs include medium and easy intensity hikes to observe wildlife and nature in the area; for those who want to put their body to the limit, longer hikes can be arranged.

In Napo Cultural center you will enjoy ancient Kichwa cuisine, local flavors such as ‘maito’ made with fresh fish, wrapped in a grilled banana leaf, accompanied by fried cocoa beans and yucca, and refresh yourself with Wayusa iced tea. Vegetarian menus are available too.

Napo Cultural Center has sample itineraries, subject to change due to climate conditions, security and safety dispositions and interests. Changes and additions will be made in order to maximize wildlife sightings, cultural exchange with the community, and to ensure your enjoyable stay in a biologically rich region such as the Yasuní­ National Park

Please contact us to customize your itinerary and address your interests in order to make this an unforgettable experience.

Satellite internet available in rooms and the main areas.

As we are in the rainforest, the weather is humid with the following temperatures throughout the year lowest 22°C (71°F) and the highest 28°C (82°F).

Laundry and ironing, Satellite Wi-Fi, souvenir Shop



Sumak Huasi means “nice house” from the indigenous thinking means to share and disseminate culture further integration perspective.


The good life or Sumak Kausay means "full life" from the indigenous viewpoint, aspire to live well and live "better.


In Napo Cultural Center, we assure you will be part of a great adventure, here to forget the hustle and bustle you can relax and unwind with the singing of the birds.