Yasuni National Park

It was declared by Unesco Biosphere Reserve in the world. Yasuni means “sacred land” and symbolizes the abundance of the nature. A protected area where a great biodiverse ecosystem on the earth live; the third of the Amazonian mammals, 106 species of reptiles, 610 species of birds and more than 4000 species of plants thrive here. The amazing natural wonders could be found just in Yasuni and more unknown species to discover. Nowadays Yasuni represents the need to care and protect the nature with all natural diversity for the future generations.  Yasuni  is also an ancestral territory with two non-contacted tribes of woarani indigenous.


Sumak Huasi means “nice house” from the indigenous thinking means to share and disseminate culture further integration perspective.

The good life or Sumak Kausay means "full life" from the indigenous viewpoint, aspire to live well and live "better.

In Napo Cultural Center, we assure you will be part of a great adventure, here to forget the hustle and bustle you can relax and unwind with the singing of the birds,