Añangu kichwa community manages the Napo Cultural Center and gives an excellent alternative for their families for their development and improving quality of life. In addition, the community want to preserve their traditional activities and customs but the most important, the Añangu community want to conserve the nature. Over 200 square kilometres within Yasuni National Park are protected now for the community because they decide no hunt no fish and they want to care more the nature.

The uses of the natural resources such as: the solar panels, save process to treat the water give it back to nature clean trying keep the least impact possible. In order to reduce the trash, it is recycled to send to a plant in the nearest city and with compost system with the organi waste form the kitchen to obtain the biogas, an alternative while allowing savings in the purchase of fuel necessary for cooking.

FAP Fundacion Amazonia Productiva is an Ecuadorian nonprofit foundation that realizes sustainable ecological and social development projects to find alternatives for local families and communities that have been forgotten. We want to generate new projects to help for economic development while caring and handling natural resources.

We invite you to be part of help FAP and contribute in processes or projects that in search of sustainable local, regional and global levels, generating jobs, food for generations and the maintenance, and regeneration of natural resources.



Sumak Huasi means “nice house” from the indigenous thinking means to share and disseminate culture further integration perspective.


The good life or Sumak Kausay means "full life" from the indigenous viewpoint, aspire to live well and live "better.


In Napo Cultural Center, we assure you will be part of a great adventure, here to forget the hustle and bustle you can relax and unwind with the singing of the birds.