Napo Cultural center was designed for couples, families and groups of friends, for a holiday or short break, offering a single opportunity to enjoy a contact with nature, but near the main cultural attractions of Añangu Kichwa Community.

Standard rooms (36 meters /120 feet square, each one), fully equipped cabins with electricity, ventilation, safe box, private bathroom and hot water porch with seats and hammock. The suites (42 meters / 140 feet square) are designed for more comfort featuring, fully equipped cabins, electricity – ventilation, safe box, private bathroom and hot water, living-room, minibar, “Waterfall” Style Shower, window in ceiling, amenities: Slippers, bathrobe, bath salts, 100% cotton towels, outside porch with seats and hammock to admire the rainforest.

The restaurant has a maximum capacity of 60 people, the food service is based on combining local, national and international cuisine. The varieties of exotic fruits and organic products are a special. Hot beverage such as tea or coffee is available all day.

Napo Cultural Center gives an unforgettable jungle experience, far from the troubles of modern-day life, where the relax with sounds of nature permit us experiencing the ageless customs, traditions and legends of the Kichwa culture.



Sumak Huasi means “nice house” from the indigenous thinking means to share and disseminate culture further integration perspective.


The good life or Sumak Kausay means "full life" from the indigenous viewpoint, aspire to live well and live "better.


In Napo Cultural Center, we assure you will be part of a great adventure, here to forget the hustle and bustle you can relax and unwind with the singing of the birds.