About Napo
Cultural Center

The Napo Cultural Center offers high comfort accommodation and quality, distinctive and personalized service. Napo Cultural C is a lodge prepared to fully respond to the guests’ needs; this is the main touristic offer in the Ecuadorian Amazon Region, allowing its clients a rare and complete experience, full of privacy and exclusivity. The project consists in 16 independent cabins, in the form of small eco friendly houses with very nice areas (allows up to 3 guests) with location scattered around the Añangu Kichwa village, with a privileged view over the forest; all the building materials invoke nature – wood and vertical gardens. It also features restaurant, bar and souvenir shop. Environmentally friendly, promotes physical and spiritual experiences, moments of leisure, individually and within groups, both inside and outside the village; a concept that emphasizes the qualities of life and nature, ecology, water, land, leisure, health and well-being.

In Napo Cultural Center, we assure you will be part of a great adventure, here to forget the hustle and bustle you can relax and unwind with the singing of the birds, you will learn more about kichwa culture their customs, traditions and interesting legends.


  • Includes easy and medium intensity walks and hikes in order to observe the wildlife and nature of the area; more difficult hikes and longer programs can be arranged.


  • Early birding activities in the morning at around 6 A.M. taking 2 hours or more.


  • Rowing small canoe navigation is carried out on rivers and streams; larger canoes are used to navigate the Napo River and are included in our routine activities, all of which feature community and naturalist guides.


  • Swimming is safe when carried out at sites your guide have suggested.


Enjoy a level II kayak activity at Napo River, from the village for around 45 minutes until you reach the observation tower.




Sumak Huasi means “nice house” from the indigenous thinking means to share and disseminate culture further integration perspective.


The good life or Sumak Kausay means "full life" from the indigenous viewpoint, aspire to live well and live "better.


In Napo Cultural Center, we assure you will be part of a great adventure, here to forget the hustle and bustle you can relax and unwind with the singing of the birds.


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“Napo Wildlife Center is definitely the place to go. We had the most incredible 5 days”
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“Our guides were absolutely great. They were extremely knowledgeable of the jungle flora and fauna and were great “teachers”. They made the experience very interesting and educational. We learned so much about the indigenous tribal cultures, the birds, snakes, monkeys, animals, insects, fresh water dolphins, fish, etc.”
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“The rooms are amazing. Really cute huts with hammocks and super comfortable beds with mosquito nets. The activities are awesome as well including night jungle walk, boat tours hunting for crocodiles, and piraña fishing. I never wanted to leave. Everything about this place is so amazing, you have to go!”